Dear Terrance, Amani, Aaron, and Alexis,

I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude for presenting me with the beautiful Martin Luther King, Jr., Legacy Award for Leadership and Service, and for your generous donation to the Obama Foundation.

Your message was deeply moving, and I am inspired by your commitment to service and to lifting up the lives of our nation’s young people.  Your efforts are making a tremendous difference, and I hope you know how much I appreciate all you are doing.

Again, thank you for thinking of me and the Obama Foundation.

You have my very best wishes.


Barack Obama


We founded La Vie Christian Academy, our first non profit preschool in 2020. We are excited to report our progress. Now with over 70 students enrolled— one of the things we are most excited about is the opportunity to teach the students about The Global Goals.

These goals cover a broad range of issues, such as poverty, hunger, health, education, climate change, gender equality, water sanitation, energy, environment and social justice.

By teaching kids about the Global Goals, you can show them that a better world is possible. It’s never too early for them to learn.

What can you do?

Every positive action you take, no matter how small, has the power to make a difference. Supporting our education campaign to launch a second location, standing up for justice, and reminding our leaders of the promise of the Global Goals are all good places to start.


Support our campaign


Housing is an important component of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and an essential driver for achieving many of the Sustainable Development Goals. In particular, SDG 11 aims to make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

What We’re Doing to Help

We are creating ways to increase affordable housing in our community by converting vacant and dilapidated properties in Hickory, North Carolina into livable residences. We know that collectively we can restore our neighborhoods to what they once were. We are passionate about serving our community through increased housing as well as educational efforts surrounding home ownership. We met with the City’s Community Development Manager, Karen Dickerson and she thought we would be a great addition to the NAACP Equity and Inclusion Housing workgroup. The Housing Committee cheered by Jenna Ross, who works for Habitat for Humanity, is dedicated to helping link people to much needed affordable housing and other housing resources.

We are excited to report that Limitless La Vie has acquired our first single family residential home located in the Kenworth Hall District. The home was previously absentee owned and inherited by heirs who did not want the property. As a team of problem solvers, we will make it ready for a new homeowner.

The three bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom home will be remodeled and fitted as a three bedroom two and a half bathroom. This remodel will be the perfect starter house for a family. We are grateful for the chance to improve the housing stock and have an active hand in growing the community.

However, this property needs major repairs and updates. With a budget of $80-100k for renovations, we are seeking donations both monetary and in-kind to help us get the job done.

We are committed to creating a better future for our communities. To solve a problem as big as the affordable housing shortage we need your help. Let’s work together.

All donations are tax deductible, we are a 501(c)3 organization.