La Vie Christian Academy – 2nd Location 2023

What is the campaign?

La Vie Christian Academy provides a year round, safe reliable and inclusive educational environment for children and families. Our mission is to provide a stimulating faith based education experience by instilling Christian morals and self-confidence in every child. Children and families will have a unique experience because we have created a village within the community whose doors are open to all. Imagine a garden outside of your newly renovated facility with natural, grown foods for not only healthy eating but for learning. Through a blend of play and a Christ-centered curriculum, each child is educated based on their individual needs. Our foundation is grounded on love and respect for one another. At La Vie Christian Academy, we warmly welcome children from all faiths or no religious background. Equal opportunity is given to all students regardless of race, creed, sex, or physical condition with a sense of belonging where imagination and self-expression flourish.  Over 70 kids enrolled.  We are ready for a second location.

What does your donation fund?

Scholarship, programs, supplies, and renovations.

What underserved group will this help?

Children 6 weeks and up.

How much money will it cost and what will that money go towards?

For our second location, $175,000 will assist with start-up costs associated with establishing a new licensed child care facility; For our existing program expansion $125,000 will help with quality improvements that increase our classrooms or facility’s capacity and star rating. It will also help us with capital improvements and renovations: like new playground equipment, repaving the parking lot and outdoor play and learning environments . Donate today to make a difference!


Current amount raised:


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