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Michelle Obama on International Women’s Day on the First Anniversary of Let Girls Learn


In step with our commitment to support education, and in recognition of Michelle Obama’s outstanding service in support of education for young women and girls and in the facilitation of educational opportunities for adolescent girls in developing countries, Limitless La Vie is pleased to acknowledge its donations totaling $10,000.00 to support the Peace Corps Let Girls Learn Initiative.

Since its launch in 2015, during the Obama Administration, the Let Girls Learn Initiative introduced by then First Lady Michelle Obama has been an essential and effective means of advancing girls’ education all over the world.

As a role model, First Lady, Michelle Obama became known for her advocacy for such issues as poverty awareness, nutrition, healthy eating and physical activity and promoting international education for women. At Limitless La Vie, we believe that education has the power to unlock the fullest of potential and transform lives through opportunities. To that end we are pleased to announce our list detailing the programs we have funded in 2017.

Let Girls Learn programs that have been funded by Limitless La Vie Corp:
1. Fabric Weaving and Design Center (Ghana)
2. The Rise2Raise Mentoring Program (Liberia)
3. For the Love of Basketball (Indonesia)
4. Improving the Girls Dormitories (Uganda)
5. College Improvements (Guinea)
6. Girls and Boys Clubs (South Africa)
7. Camp Respect (Jamaica)
8. Young Women’s Leadership Camp (Senegal)
9. Youth Theater Festival (Thailand)
10. Student Athletic Race Weekend (Benin)
11. Let Girls Learn Work Initiative (Rwanda)



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