Philanthropy Driving the Fashion Industry

(Illustration by Iman Geddy)

Here at Limitless La Vie, we have been inspired by the great examples of philanthropy demonstrated by the businessmen, sports players, and actors who have used their fame and money to make the lives of others better. Warren Buffet, Denzel Washington, Paul Newman, Mark Zuckerberg, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, and Bill Gates may have taken different career paths, but in the end their success has not just enriched their lives, but the lives of the many that they have reached out to help.

Warren Buffet

The Button Down Oxford offers classic value without being flashy, making it a perfect choice for the investor and philanthropist Warren Buffet, whose business savvy delivers not just dividends but diversified support of a plethora of causes. In 2006 he pledged to give away more than 99% of his massive fortune to charity, and since then has been living up to that goal by donating 4% of his Berkshire Hathaway stocks every year. In 2017 alone, he gave away $3.17 billion dollars, following the simple principle that “If you’re in the luckiest 1% of humanity, you owe it to the rest of humanity to think about the other 99%”.

Denzel Washington

The men’s Button Blazer is a perfect fit for the award-winning actor Denzel Washington, whose philanthropic actions off-screen are just as noteworthy. He’s been an active supporter of the Fisher House Foundation, which provides welcoming homes near army base hospitals for the families of injured soldiers to stay in while their loved ones undergo treatment. As well, he is a founding member of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, and in 2018 donated one million dollars to the Wiley College debate team after starring in a film about the early days of the team. Perhaps his most notable philanthropic endeavor has been his long-standing relationship with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (BGCA). He credits the organization that he joined when he was 6 years old with being a powerful influence during his formative years, and he has striven to pay that helping hand forward, serving as the national spokesperson for the BGCA since 1992. He shares this life-long connection to the BGCA with the co-founders of Limitless La Vie, who also joined the organization as children!  Whether it’s support for injured soldiers, education, or children around the world, Denzel lives by the philosophy “At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even about what you’ve accomplished…It’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better, it’s about what you’ve given back.”

Paul Newman

Relaxed but elegant, our men’s Chino pants match the timeless appeal of the late, great actor Paul Newman, whose legendary philanthropy lives on in Newman’s Own, inspiring companies like Limitless La Vie to make a lasting difference. From the very beginning, Newman was committed to using 100% of the profits from his company to help others, including the establishment of many children’s camps where more than 350,000 children suffering from serious medical conditions have been able to, as he put it, “Raise a little hell.” By 2015, the Newman’s Own Foundation had donated $450 million dollars to a variety of organizations helping people to improve their lives. Similarly, Limitless La Vie uses all its profits to help others also, reflecting his philosophy: “I respect generosity in people, and I respect it in companies too, I don’t see it as philanthropy; I see it as an investment in the community.”

Mark Zuckerburg

Our men’s Zipper Pullover is easy to wear but also stylish, perfect for a busy computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur like Mark Zuckerberg, who also dedicates a large share of his time and money to helping others. He and his wife Priscilla Chan have formed the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to use technology to work to solve problems in health, education and social inequality across the globe, pledging to devote 99% of their Facebook shares to that goal. Zuckerberg believes that “Our society has an obligation to invest now to improve the lives of all those coming into this world, not just those already here.”

Carmelo Anthony

The men’s Ikat Trim Long-sleeve Polo Shirt is a sporty fit for NBA star Carmelo Anthony, who has proven himself both a leader in basketball and off the court in his philanthropic endeavors. In 2005 he founded the Carmelo Anthony Foundation, which provides funds for disadvantaged children to improve their lives and futures through both education and recreation. He feels that he is just paying it forward, saying: “I am a product of people’s giving and sacrificing… It’s important for people around the world to recognize that we all have something we can give.”

Lebron James

The comfortable and flexible men’s Ikat Trim Polo Shirt is a perfect casual look for the off-court style exhibited by NBA star Lebron James, whose philanthropic endeavors are built on the promise to never forget where he came from. While he donates money to a variety of worthwhile children’s causes across the country, his home town of Akron, Ohio holds a special place in his heart and philanthropy. Especially notable is the huge commitment he’s made with his “I Promise” program, which will pay four years of college tuition for up to two thousand disadvantaged students from Akron. Lebron and his mother had a hard life while he was growing up, and now says: “Mom and I wanted to create a foundation that, regardless of where I was playing, would be dedicated to giving back to the community by enriching the support system that helped us along our journey.”

Bill Gates

The versatility of the V-Neck Sweater gets right to the point, pulling together a comfortable fit for a business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist like Bill Gates. He’s applied the same skills that made him the richest man in the world to giving away much of his wealth to try to solve some of the biggest problems facing people today. While still working on the global goal of eradicating polio by 2020, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has also started a campaign to fight against malaria, a major killer in many third-world countries. Meanwhile, they have decided to redirect their efforts to improve education in the United States and focus instead on the pervasive problem of poverty. He’s proven that he can succeed in both making and donating wealth, saying

“Effective philanthropy requires a lot of time and creativity—the same kind of focus and skills that building a business requires.” 

Our menswear capsule collection lets you select comfortable, classic clothes which are both relaxed and elegant, and manufactured in an ethical fashion from high-quality textiles. Long-lasting and versatile, they take the worry out of clothing selection, letting you focus on the things that really matter- much as these remarkable men have done with their philanthropic efforts!


Philanthropy Driving the Fashion Industry

(Illustration above by Iman Geddy)

In today’s world quantity seems to drive people to purchase as many garments as they can for the least amount of money as possible, but we have to ask ourselves, is that really fashion? What happened to creativity or design on a dime, quality over quantity. The biggest loophole in the fashion industry today is the productivity. The world simply cannot keep up with the habitual fast lifestyle of most consumers. Everyone screams they want change, but as cliché as it sounds, we must be the change we want to see in the world. As people question if the fashion industry will ever be sustainable, Limitless La Vie brings to you our very own fashion forward sustainable clothing collection!

In creating our Career Capsule Collection, Limitless La Vie has been inspired by strong, successful women who have used their wealth, power, and influence to make a difference in the world. Angelina Jolie, Melinda French Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama, Donna Karan and Amal Clooney have all taken different paths to their positions of influence, but are all using them for the greater good. These philanthropists have sought to not just enrich themselves, but create a better life for all, and for that reason we have named the pieces in our collection after them, as a tribute to their contributions to a better world!


Angelina – Classic Fit Tie-Front Silk Shirt

This beautiful, classic, chic, minimalist-styled Classic Fit Tie-Front Silk Shirt is a perfect fit for a busy, humanitarian activist and philanthropist like Angelina Jolie. Not content to be just a movie star, she has used her fame to draw attention to the needs of third-world children, acting as a special envoy to UNICEF. Why? She says, “I have so much in my life. I want to be of value to the world.” The fashion industry suffers from the mistreatment of women and children in these countries where they are to work long hours in unsafe conditions with unfair wages. What better way to bring awareness to the industry while captilzing on an influencer who is just as passionate about the needs of women and children in third-world countries. How will you rock your Classic Fit Tie-Front Silk Shirt?


Melinda – Oxford Button Down Shirt

The tailored, classic Oxford Button Down shirt was designed with a business leader and philanthropist like Melinda French Gates in mind. Working with her husband in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, she has spearheaded campaigns to improve the opportunities for health services, education, and economic independence to those in need around the world, as well as at home in the United States. Limitless La Vie seeks to improve the lives of at-risk youth through education, sports, fashion, art and programming. This capsule is more than just fashion, it’s a statement. She says, “Philanthropy is not about the money. It’s about using whatever resources you have at your fingertips and apply them to improving the world.”


Oprah – Asymmetrical Button Down Blazer

Our boldly designed, form-fitting Asymmetrical Button Down Blazer is the perfect match for a trailblazer like media giant and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey. Starting out with nothing, and experiencing a troubled childhood, she has risen to become not only one of the wealthiest and most influential women in the United States, but has shared her good fortune by supporting career opportunities and education for young women. She has even built a school! No person left behind, everyone can win. Her philosophy is “Many things in life inspire philanthropy, such as your faith in humanity and your belief in the human spirit to overcome.”


Michelle – Fitted Midi Dress (Sheath)

The sheath dress is a style often associated with the former First Lady of the United States. For eight years, Michelle Obama graced the White House with her warm, welcoming personality and enthusiasm, raising funds and awareness for Let’s Move and then she showed the world that it’s okay to Let Girls Learn! Her energy encourages others to get involved, saying “There are stillmany causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made!”


Donna – Asymmetrical Border Skirt

Our sophisticated, sleek Asymmetrical Border Skirt offers exceptional design, much like that of designer Donna Karan, who has inspired fashion throughout the world. However, she has moved beyond the world of fashion to philanthropic efforts through her Urban Zen Foundation, which focuses on health care, education and preservation of cultures, with a special concern for the needs of children. Her philosophy of sharing is “Whatever you’ve been given, it’s to give back.”


Amal – High Waist Flair Pants

These High Waist Flair Pants are perfect for a high-powered lawyer like Amal Clooney, who worked as an international human rights lawyer well before she married George Clooney. Partnering with her husband, she has continued to work to make lives better for people in need around the world. Recently she instituted the Amal Clooney Scholarship to help Lebanese young women receive post-secondary education. The fashion industry longs for purpose. She herself has said about her new fame, “I think it’s wonderful celebrities would choose to spend their time or energy or the spotlight that they have to raise awareness about these causes. I don’t really see myself in the same way because I’m still doing the same job that I used to do before. So if there’s more attention paid, for whatever reason, to that, then I think that’s good.”

We have pursued the development of our Career Capsule Collection pieces with the same principles that these strong women have modeled. From the ethically sourced fabrics, through the construction of the garments by workers paid fairly for their labor, through to the use of the profits to help improve the lives of those in need, we have worked to create a capsule collection that will not only be beautiful, but help to create a more beautiful world for everyone. Ethically, set, GO!

Lately, I have been finding myself in a bit of a bind, struggling the most on getting my foot in the door. The most common problem I think recent college grads face is being over qualified for regular jobs but under qualified for other jobs that are in your field of choice. Then theres the issue of doing what you NEED to do to make ends meet versus doing the jobs that you want to do.

I’m going to be completely honest, I’m struggling with patience right now. I thought I read somewhere in the University handbook that you’d be making 6 figures when you stepped foot across the stage… I guess I missed the tiny print that said “Non-valid until you have 5+ years experience.” Lol, Okay, I am being dramatic… but it doesn’t change the frustrations of hearing the heart-breaking word “no”. Over the past three month, I have experienced working in a place that wasn’t necessarily my first choice for a career after of course being told no for everything else. As I explained in my very first blog, I love kids and have worked with them forever and have nothing but time to reflect on how they have helped me deal with constant rejection.

The interview you just blew,will be okay.

The job you didn’t get, will be okay.

The test you just failed, will be okay.

That promotion you didn’t get, will be okay. 

The car you didn’t sell, will be okay. 

That team you didn’t make, will be okay.

That scholarship you didn’t get, will be okay.

Usually toddlers are taught to look up to adults, but at this moment, it is our opportunity to look up to them… The average toddler gets told no about 400 times a DAY on AVERAGE and I don’t know about you, but most toddlers do not even show reaction before they are on to their next task or activity. In this case, I’ll give up the benefit of the doubt and say that if anything, they may wine for a 15 seconds maximum and then you would have never guess anything happened.

Working at a daycare, I witnessed every day why i wanted to be like a toddler (looking back on it now of course). I was there to see every fall, every mistake, every broken toy but when mommy walks in the door and asks how their day was, they never remember ANY of the bad because they allow only the good to take up space in their mind!All the moms would ask, “How was your day?” & the children would always shout, “GOOD!” And add things like WE PAINTED TODAY MOMMY! WE WENT OUTSIDE. You could think about all the bad that has happened & the opportunities that didn’t come thru, or you can move on, make a choice to hold on to the good…. even remind yourself of the 10,000 other opportunities available. Can you continue your day as if it never happened? So what you just got told no… does that stop the show?

In real life terms, Sometimes, you are told NO because there’s better is coming. When better has come, what relevance is there in the times you were told no? Sometimes it takes you doing jobs that you dont want to do to sometimes get to where you want to go

I was stuck between, “if it doesn’t make you happy you shouldn’t do it and to always do what makes you happy.” I had to be real with myself at this point, happiness is truly a CHOICE. It isn’t based on the tangibles, your career or money… because what happens when those things are gone, or taken?



Patience is a virture and the lens in which you view situations is the most important lens you will ever obtain in this lifetime. It is so easy to get wrapped up in opportunities that others are given or the places in life that others are at. But remember, your life, your journey, your pace, your story! Its never too late to rewrite a page or start a new chapter. This is where I knew I had a grown as woman when I was able to find value in almost all things good and bad.

Think of the game of Chess… a queen and king are able to move in any direction at any time, & that’s you.  Is your invisible crown on today?

The process of becoming sound again can be very difficult, but along with happiness… it is a personal CHOICE. I like to think of it as having no other choice. Do you want to sit in your misery or do you want to be “healthy” again?

Notice in the definition of healing, it is a process… which means its almost never ending in order to obtain and maintain a healed lifestyle. When I think back to all of the times I needed to heal, it required a lot of  FOCUS.. and DEDICATION to want to feel and be better. During this process, it is so easy to forget about what you need right now when others are constantly voicing what they need from you..

I can remember repeatedly being called selfish for weeding out what I felt was toxic inmy life. It hurts to hear people misunderstand you or disregard the way that they have made you feel, but self care is NOT selfish. I started to second guess myself, asking the pertinent question of — “am I too hard on people?”

But then it dawned on me… just because you put you first (or regain control) doesn’t mean you are diminishing others.. you just simply aren’t giving them another opportunity to disturb your peace and this goes for ALL types of relationships…


I learned the concept of healing and self-care at a very early age.(Thanks mom) I think this is why some people may consider me prideful or non-chalant… when in fact i just try to ALWAYS take care of me and unfortunately often disregard how it may be perceived.. It is so weird, because looking back, I can understand exactly why I am the way I am. As a kid, I would go to my mom, & she would always encourage me to do what I can to fix the problem that didn’t necessarily involve the person who may have caused the problem. For an example.. I’d say things like “Mom, Aaron is too close to me, can you tell him to move?” And she would respond — “no, you must move.. because you have the problem” … and I quote this verbatim. It’s just a prime example of taking matters into your own hands without depending on others or their understanding.

I was watching Being Mary Jane on Tuesday & amongst all of her great quotes she incorporates, one stuck out to me. “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves” — Bingo, it is brilliant!

Some people will never be able to grasp this concept. Constantly running in circles in hopes of changing things they can not control… instead of worrying about what they can control.

Everyone has to do what works for them, but the one thing I will say is once you accept, you take away the power in affecting you.

Three things that you will never able to control no matter how hard you try is:

1. People’s personalities They are made the way they are… they also may handle emotions differently than you do. More or less forgiving, jealous, simple, optimistic & the list goes on… Does it make them wrong, absolutely not! But accept or move on, but you will never able to control that

2. People’s decisions – Everyone will not ACT, talk the way you will or handle a situation the way you would. If you can communicate how it made you feel & they didn’t do what you would have liked or expected, you still can not change them. A part of healing is the acceptance for the differences of people, however it doesn’t mean you have to continue to deal with it.

3. People’s beliefs – Everyone is raised differently… you won’t always agree with the way that people think. Healing requires understanding of this. We are different & thats okay. What you can control is YOURSELF.

– Take responsibility for your feelings because although you hope people will, it is not their job to take care you. (It is YOUR job to take care of you.)

– Surrounding yourself with people who understand the importance of this.

– Set clear expectations & even clearer boundaries!

In the healing process, communication is key as with anything else because you can not assume people are aware of how they have affected you. However, it is also important to recognize the difference between mistakes and a personal choice. Did they know how you would feel, and just disregard it or did they truly just not know?


It’s easier to forgive those who admit their mistakes, but it can definitely be a STRUGGLE to forgive those who just simply can not take responsibility. But in the midst of that, don’t allow people to shame you for the way that you protect & heal yourself. Because if you think about it, for all the times that you have “done”, people will only remember the one time you “didn’t”.

This conceptof self care is so important & I think is underrated. Theres something about control that makes this concept way deeper. Stay in control of you & take the time to understand you. This allows one to know when they need extra healing. I am again NO genius nor am I telling anyone how to heal themselves. I haven’t always handled every situation correctly… but I will say I am a firm believer in once you understand what works for you, your head will not only be but remain above water!       




Model: Nadirah Ali – Shots by Sed


If you are a goal oriented person, there may not be a better feeling the achieving a goal that you set. The next best feeling might be the moment you realize that you have a new goal you want to accomplish. The hardest thing about achieving your goals is knowing how to set them. Here are 5 tips on how to set goals.



A goal should inspire you, it should project the person you are hoping to become and be reflective of the priorities in your live. If the goals you have set don’t motivate you it is likely they aren’t aligned with your core. Feel free to let go of goals that don’t motivate you.



Invite a little structure into your life, by scheduling out your day by the hour. When you schedule a task focus on that particular task. Things like checking your email, surfing the web, browsing social media should have its own time. When you utilize a schedule it is clear what that time should be used for try to be strict on yourself.


I get it multitasking sometimes seems like the only way to be productive. However doing more than one thing at a time can take away from doing quality work on one thing. At times it can & will drain your energy and scatter your mind. Focusing on one task at a time will allow you to focus and give maximum effort.



•    Specific. Your goals should be clearly defined, anything less will leave you lost as it they do not provide clear direction

•    Measurable.Include precise amounts, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success.

•    Attainable.If you set a goal that you have no hope of achieving, you will only demoralize yourself and erode your confidence.

•    Relevant. Goals should be relevant to the direction you want your life and career to take.

    •    Time Bound. Deadlines are added pressure and many of us work much better under pressure. The sense of urgency increases and so does the focus so that achievement will come much faster.



Dr. Gail Matthews a psychology professor at Dominican University in California conducted a experiment where she concluded that one is 42% more likely to achieve their goals if you write them down. Writing things down requires time and commitment it is an investment. As people we hate to lose our investment, we tend to do what we can to prevent it. By writing it down you have decided that this is a priority.

amanismallbusinessfinal23.jpgI know I am not the only one noticing the innovative small businesses flourishing. This is definitely the year of small businesses, branding and creative thinking.  I never had dreams of owning my own business or being my own brand, but your calling is something that you just can’t escape.  It will appear to be your best friend and your worse night mare, but I love to think of life as the greater the risk, the greater the reward.  Everyone is their own brand.  Whether you are thinking of creating a brand, starting your own business or you already have one, I just wanted to provide you with a few tips for a smooth transition, as this can be an overwhelming experience for many.  My suggestion, through all the trials and tribulations, just remember be your own “best brand”

1. Narrow a target audience:  I believe one of the biggest mistakes is thinking that every person has to love our business or be interested in our brand.  Sometimes choosing a smaller sector who would TRULY be interested in a product or service is key.  It’s quality over quantity meaning, it’s better to have 50 loyal customers versus 100 customers who only support once.

2. Be unique:  Separate your self from your competition.  For example, if you are interested opening a salon.  You should ask yourself a couple questions:   Who is your competition? What is your competitive advantage?  Yes, everyone is doing hair, but what makes your styles or services unique?  Do you provide signature deep conditioners, or do you provide a free trim before every style.  Consumers notice the little things that give you brand loyalty.

3. Live in your truth:  Don’t start a business or brand that your are not passionate about.  You are a walking billboard, therefore if you are not true to your brand, potential supporters will become insecure and seek out other businesses or brands in which they feel more comfortable with.  Living in your truth will give you the confidence you need for when opportunities present themselves.  If you are true, you will be ready, and if you stay ready, you will never have to get ready!

4. Don’t allow your own self to get in your way:  Many people get overwhelmed about the ground work necessary to build a business or brand.  They fail themselves before the business fails.  I can not stress enough the importance of exercising your ability to “Switch things up” or reinvent something that did not work as planned.  You should set your standards high, even if others don’t see the potential.

5. Be professional:  I have solicited many businesses that has an enormous amount of  potential, but they lack professionalism mainly do to becoming comfortable.  It’s important to hold yourself accountable as well as everyone who has a vested interested in your brand or business.  Appearance and how you present yourself is definitely a key contributor to the overall success of your business.  What statement are you trying to make about your business or brand?

6. Social media (A blessing and a curse):  People read and analyzing every thing you post.  Be yourself, but be professional.  Remember you are building a brand, posting and commenting on non business related issues can cause conflict with your supporters.  It may be a good ideal to have a personal page however, you must always consider your audience.

7. Presentation is everything :  The way you market is just as important as the product or service you are selling.  Whether promoting or presenting, you must always dress the part.  It is proven that your appearance can have some impact on how your audience reacts when presented with a product or service.

8. Network:  When you are genuine, it is even easier to make genuine connections.   It’s not about how many mentors you have, but more so the quality of the relationships you build.  It’s important never to burn bridges, you never know when you may need a reference, advice or favor.  Remember word of mouth is everything when building a brand or business, always be considerate when speaking to others in or out of your industry.

9. “The customer is always right”:  As a business owner or brand, your customer is one of the most important people you will come in contact with.  You should take responsibility when a customer is not happy. Have you ever noticed that people are quicker to share a bad experience than a good one? Be accountable to ensure that every customer you come in contact with is satisfied with your product or service.  By doing this you will create and increase longevity for years.

10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help:  You can still be the face of your brand without doing it entirely by yourself. It can be so easy to get discouraged when people don’t support your initial vision. Keep pushing and trust yourself and what you bring to the table.  However, you must be open to accept “CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM”.  Ask for feedback or opinions from friends and staff.  The power of patience and planning can take you further than you can even imagine.

11. Re-evaluate your surroundings:  Surround yourself  with people who want to see do well. Do not EXPECT people to work as hard as you.  It is not their JOB to promote your brand/business unless you have hired them.  Do not expect people to always support your brand or business regardless of the relationship you have with them.  It is your job to market and build your brand.  Ultimately people will support what they are engaged in so it’s important to think of ways we can increase engagement instead of begging for support.

12. Don’t forget to give back – No matter what your brand is, giving back to the community is big. There are so many ways that you can give back, and it doesn’t HAVE to involve money, it can simply involve time or providing opportunities or the chance for someone else to learn. If we want to keep resources and knowledge in rotation, then we must give back. Corporate social responsibility is PROVEN to impact consumers attitudes towards businesses and brands.  Big or little, don’t forget to give back in SOME capacity to help the community and our youth who are our future. Revenue is important, but so is the responsibility to make the world a better place beyond your business or brand.



A great thing is happening among American shoppers.  Believe it or not, more people are taking a moment to flip over a label and ask, is it “Made in the USA”. It’s often less costly to make things in developing countries due to lower manufacturing costs.  However, when we were steered to offshore production of our clothing line, we saw a huge contradiction.  We decided to do some digging because we wanted to make the right decision, that would ultimately align with our mission to empower, inspire and impact lives. The word on the street is that if you want a lower price you have to go overseas and if you want “quality”, you produce in the U.S.A. However, we have found that the quality of your product is an issue that requires constant vigilance no matter where you choose to manufacture. That being said, having production in the USA means shipping costs are slashed, and quicker turnarounds to the customer are possible. It’s also somewhat easier to monitor your factory when it’s here in the U.S.A.  We take pride in the fact that our products are “Made in America”, and in the end we believe customers will appreciate that.