Lately, I have been finding myself in a bit of a bind, struggling the most on getting my foot in the door. The most common problem I think recent college grads face is being over qualified for regular jobs but under qualified for other jobs that are in your field of choice. Then theres the issue of doing what you NEED to do to make ends meet versus doing the jobs that you want to do.

I’m going to be completely honest, I’m struggling with patience right now. I thought I read somewhere in the University handbook that you’d be making 6 figures when you stepped foot across the stage… I guess I missed the tiny print that said “Non-valid until you have 5+ years experience.” Lol, Okay, I am being dramatic… but it doesn’t change the frustrations of hearing the heart-breaking word “no”. Over the past three month, I have experienced working in a place that wasn’t necessarily my first choice for a career after of course being told no for everything else. As I explained in my very first blog, I love kids and have worked with them forever and have nothing but time to reflect on how they have helped me deal with constant rejection.

The interview you just blew,will be okay.

The job you didn’t get, will be okay.

The test you just failed, will be okay.

That promotion you didn’t get, will be okay. 

The car you didn’t sell, will be okay. 

That team you didn’t make, will be okay.

That scholarship you didn’t get, will be okay.

Usually toddlers are taught to look up to adults, but at this moment, it is our opportunity to look up to them… The average toddler gets told no about 400 times a DAY on AVERAGE and I don’t know about you, but most toddlers do not even show reaction before they are on to their next task or activity. In this case, I’ll give up the benefit of the doubt and say that if anything, they may wine for a 15 seconds maximum and then you would have never guess anything happened.

Working at a daycare, I witnessed every day why i wanted to be like a toddler (looking back on it now of course). I was there to see every fall, every mistake, every broken toy but when mommy walks in the door and asks how their day was, they never remember ANY of the bad because they allow only the good to take up space in their mind!All the moms would ask, “How was your day?” & the children would always shout, “GOOD!” And add things like WE PAINTED TODAY MOMMY! WE WENT OUTSIDE. You could think about all the bad that has happened & the opportunities that didn’t come thru, or you can move on, make a choice to hold on to the good…. even remind yourself of the 10,000 other opportunities available. Can you continue your day as if it never happened? So what you just got told no… does that stop the show?

In real life terms, Sometimes, you are told NO because there’s better is coming. When better has come, what relevance is there in the times you were told no? Sometimes it takes you doing jobs that you dont want to do to sometimes get to where you want to go

I was stuck between, “if it doesn’t make you happy you shouldn’t do it and to always do what makes you happy.” I had to be real with myself at this point, happiness is truly a CHOICE. It isn’t based on the tangibles, your career or money… because what happens when those things are gone, or taken?



Patience is a virture and the lens in which you view situations is the most important lens you will ever obtain in this lifetime. It is so easy to get wrapped up in opportunities that others are given or the places in life that others are at. But remember, your life, your journey, your pace, your story! Its never too late to rewrite a page or start a new chapter. This is where I knew I had a grown as woman when I was able to find value in almost all things good and bad.

Think of the game of Chess… a queen and king are able to move in any direction at any time, & that’s you.  Is your invisible crown on today?

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