In my last blog, we talked about creating brands that are genuine and putting consumer’s needs first increase longevity for most businesses. Most GREAT products/services speak for themselves because of their ability to put a greater cause above their brand.

Specifically, in this case, there are an abundance of products in the beauty industry promising to beautify, reverse aging or speed up hair growth etc., but after consulting one of my favorite Estheticians, I am here to say that no one product will work magic without you doing the leg work. While some products and services assist with healthy skin and hair removal, I have noticed the importance of choosing an esthetician who can teach you more about your body and which products/services would assist you best.

As defined, an esthetician is a person with special training in administering facials, aromatherapy, makeup, hair and skin care– which are all things that require consistency. Couryei Cobb, a Delaware native is an Esthetician who I’d consider a walking billboard. She specializes in waxing, facials, lash extensions, and skin care. Couryei made it very clear how difficult it can be in maintaining healthy skin especially if make-up application is in your daily routine. She says, “Before becoming an esthetician, my go to products could be found in the nearest convenience stores, but now, I know better.”


Expressing how her esthetics teacher told her class that “if anyone can buy it, it’s not good for your skin”, she continued to say “It was clear that she didn’t mean that literally due to the existing effective products on the market –  but what she meant is that all those “well- known” facial scrubs and cleansers that you buy ALONE will not get you the results that you need. Unfortunately, not many individuals are aware of that idea and they’re left comfortable with using feeble products for most of their life.”

Now, unlike Couryei, I am no Esthetician but I think as millennials, we can be product junkies, getting caught up in our favorite you-tubers or Instagram ambassadors forgetting that different things work well for different people. I’ve noticed that the generations before us (our parents) usually have products/routines that they have been using forever! Over the years, I’ve gained a better understanding and learned the importance of creating a routine and making the commitment to take special care of yourself. This requires focusing on what you need individually to maintain good health instead of reversing/speeding natural processes.

Routines entail figuring out what works for you and sticking to it. I am familiar with routines because I am one of those people who stick solely to the basics when it comes to my regiments. I am not one who uses make-up or lashes but I truly want to start creating natural looks for the corporate setting. Through this transition, I refuse to sacrifice the health and well-being of my skin but I may have to develop a new routine where I’ll be sure to consult Couryei first. She goes on to say, “Choosing a good esthetician can change the entire dynamic in the preservation of one’s skin.” Thankfully, she is able to provide us with 7 tips on how you can choose your best Esthetician:

  1. Did they consult with you about previous habits?

The first sign of a good esthetician is you, the client coming in for a physical consulting session or completing an intake form. It is very important for me to know your skin type, your current skin regimen, what you’re looking to achieve through treatments, and any allergies that you are aware of. In the event of a consultation, your esthetician should prompt you to fill out an intake form every visit to keep information up to date following every service. All that information allows me to make an educated decision on what treatment would best suit and improve your concerns as well as the products that your skin would benefit from the most.

  1. A kind esthetician

Of course, in the business of providing services people are automatically expected to be pleasant to their clients.  To me, it is an esthetician responsibility to extend an extra act of kindness because the type of services that we provide. For an example, the setting that we work in can be very intimate for those who are new and used to getting skin treatments. Don’t be alarmed, for it can be uncomfortable at first, but the right Esthetician will work to make this experience as comfortable as possible. It is our job to get the results that we are working for and to ensure that our clients are calm and relaxed.

  1. Product knowledge

As mentioned before, people are more familiar with the common skin care products that are made for things like acne, oily skin, or deep cleansing. Those products may work fine for some people because everybody is different but there are product lines that have been developed for the therapy of your skin only. For example, a popular one today Mario Badescu and Dermalogica, which is another effective line. Although I may not be completely educated on each individual product of every line on the market… as an esthetician, I am responsible for knowing how to use them based off the ingredients that they entail along with what they are supposed to do for the skin.

  1. Procedure knowledge

A good esthetician should be able to tell you what they are doing step by step and what each step of the treatment does to help your skin; especially if it is your first time. It is up to me to choose a treatment and product that reflects the concerns that you or I may have collectively. With consistency, the procedures that I implement will get you some noticeable results.

  1. Empathy

A lot of times, besides trying to achieve healthier skin, individuals see an esthetician to release stress. I have found that everyone that I have come across who is an esthetician genuinely cares about the well-being of their clients in and out of the work place. Your esthetician should always be able to make you feel calm, never rushed and unsteady. We have learned to master the balance of interacting with our clients while successfully doing our job.

  1. New Regimen

If you’ve made the decision to see an esthetician, I believe that you are looking for help on a new way to achieve healthy skin. Going back to the consultation phase plus considering whatever treatment you have received from me; a good esthetician should be able to provide you with a cost effective, DIY home routine. This routine entails product usage down to the steps in which you would apply each product. As we stated, routines are key. The right esthetician will send you home with a regimen to follow and you can leave all those useless skin products behind for good! (whew!)

  1. Are you going back?

Does your esthetician make you want to go back!? Did I make you comfortable? Are you feeling more confident about your skin? Did you enjoy the experience altogether? If I did my job correctly, you should want to come back once a month to continue to manage your good skin. It’s even more important to continue to see an esthetician regularly because you’re either natural on a day to day basis and you want your skin to look flawless or you wear make-up daily and you need your skin to be flawless. Either way, the preservation of your skin goes a long way and your key to healthy skin is in your choice of a good esthetician. So, make the right one.

Me personally, I love services where you have a relationship with your technician and that comfortability is effortless. As you can see, she is no amateur, Couryei’s long term goal is to launch a new innovative spa specializing in skin care and lash extensions. In the meantime, you may book services/consultations with her (Bliss Lash & Skin) via email – [email protected]. She is so open and willing to accept questions you may have. Be sure to be on the lookout for for your skincare tips and secrets coming soon.