Girls Education Initiative

What is the project?

Building support for Let Girls Learn.  Let Girls Learn helps adolescent girls attain a quality education and enables them to reach their full potential. More than 62 million girls are not in school, and barriers to adolescent girls completing school are particularly significant. In some countries, fewer than 10% of teenage girls complete secondary school. The program brings together various agencies including the Peace Corps to address the range of challenges preventing adolescent girls from attaining a quality education. Let Girls Learn combines the necessary political will, diplomacy, grassroots organizing, and development expertise to create lasting change.  The Peace Corps has expanded Let Girls Learn in 44 countries.

What organization does it fund?

Peace Corps – Let Girls Learn

What underserved group will this help?

Adolescent girls around the world.

How much money will it cost and what will that money go towards?

We anticipate contributing $10,000 for 2017 to help elevate Let Girls Learn programs and invest in new efforts to expand educational opportunities for girls—including in areas of conflict and crisis. The initiative leverages public-private partnerships and challenges others to commit resources to improve the lives of adolescent girls worldwide. It also expands collaborations with experts and places particular emphasis on community-led solutions to help adolescent girls complete their education.  Let Girls Learn programs that have already been funded by Limitless La Vie Corp:

  1. Fabric Weaving and Design Center (Ghana)
  2. The Rise2Raise Mentoring Program (Liberia)
  3. For the Love of Basketball (Indonesia)
  4. Improving the Girls Dormitories (Uganda)
  5. College Improvements (Guinea)
  6. Girls and Boys Clubs (South Africa)
  7. Camp Respect (Jamaica)
  8. Young Women’s Leadership Camp (Senegal)
  9. Youth Theater Festival (Thailand)
  10. Student Athletic Race Weekend (Benin)
  11. Let Girls Learn Work Initiative (Rwanda)


Current amount raised:


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