Create Affordable Housing

What is the campaign?

We are creating ways to increase affordable housing in our community by converting vacant and dilapidated properties in Hickory, North Carolina into livable residences. We know that collectively we can restore our neighborhoods to what they once were. We are passionate about serving our community through increased housing as well as educational efforts surrounding home ownership.

To kick off our initiative, Limitless La Vie has acquired our first single family residential home located in the Kenworth Hall District. The home was previously absentee owned and inherited by heirs who did not want the property. As a team of problem solvers, we will make it ready for a new homeowner.

The three bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom home will be remodeled and converted to a three bedroom two and a half bathroom home. This remodel will be the perfect starter home for a family. We are grateful for the chance to improve the housing stock and have an active hand in growing the community.

What does your donation fund?

This property needs major repairs and updates.

What underserved group will this help?

Working families in our neighborhoods

How much money will it cost and what will that money go towards?

With a budget of $80-100k for renovations, we are seeking donations both monetary and in-kind to help us get the job done.


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