Annual Cecil’s World Classic Fundraiser

What is the project?

An annual fundraiser at the Annual Cecil’s World Classic that supports the mission of the Boys and Girls Club. Each and every day girls and boys are left to find their own recreation and companionship.  An increasing amount of kids are at home with no adult care or supervision.  Young people need to know they have a place in their community where they can go.  Clubs provide a safe haven for youth, allow them to meet with friends and be a part of positive peer groups.  Club programs teach life skills, conflict resolution and focus on the development of character. They also provide members with positive role models and a nurturing environment that help improve decision-making skills.  Limitless has donated $20,000 to the Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club since 2014.

What organization does it fund?

The Greater Newark Boys and Girls Club.

What underserved group will this help?

Youth participants in the Boys and Girls Club.

How much money will it cost and what will that money go towards?

$5,000 is contributed to assist with funding enrichment activities and scholarships. Club programs provide youth with life-enhancing programs and character development experience. Research shows that 60% of Club members participating in educational programming see increased performance in the Delaware State Testing Program.


Current amount raised:


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